Saint with cross

Santo con la croce
The early postwar period was a time of intense activity for the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, involved in the restoration of the heavy damage inflicted by the 1943 aerial bombardment. The damage was particularly severe on some spires, on two rampant arches on the north side, on the apse stained glass and two doors of the facade. The statue on the top of the Spire was created by the master sculptors of the Cantiere Marmisti of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, and substitutes a 1811 sculpture, work by Gerolamo Argenti dedicated to St. Achillius. The current statue on the top of the Spire portrays a saint with cross and it is an example of the prolific activity of the Fabbrica after the Second World War, sign of the will to reborn and of the work of the sculptors to give back to Milan the Monument in its full splendour. The previous statue, representing St. Achillius, was identified by Ugo Nebbia - in the first years of the XX Century – as a work by Gerolamo Argenti (1811), esteemed sculptor from Viggiù, part of that wide group of artists from Viggiù who, being assigned at the Veneranda Fabbrica, contributed to the enrichment of the Duomo with the large part of the 2300 statues of the Cathedral. Argenti is considered the teacher of Abbondio Molinari.