St. Saturnin from Cagliari

S. Saturnino da Cagliari
St. Saturnin of Cagliari is a saint venerated in Sardinia of which, however, we have few historical information. The Passio Sancti Saturni is the oldest document about the story of the martyr, writing by the Vittorin monk of the cathedral of St. Saturnin in Cagliari at the beginning of XII century. According to the fifteenth-century copy arrive today, the young Saturnin was beheaded for refusing to offer sacrifices to the pagan goods in the year 304, during the persecutions of Diocletian. The story of the Passion of St. Saturnin of Cagliari also follows the one of another St. Saturnin, Bishop of Toulouse, and St. Sergio. There are also other hypothesis that would see in St. Saturnin an African martyr venerated in Sardinia, for the frequent contacts between the island and the Mediterranean regions of the African continent. However is difficult to determine which African Saturnin is, given the numerous martyrs with this name. St. Saturnin is celebrate the 30 October in particular in Cagliari, Sardinia, where the remains of the Patron Saint of the city are preserved.