St. Paris

S. Paride
A religious legend, of no historical value, tells that Paris, an Athenian, having taken refuge in Rome during the time of the persecutions, was consecrated bishop of Teano by Pope St. Sylvester after having earned the respect of the inhabitants of this city. He is in fact said to have miraculously tamed a huge and terrible dragon that was constantly bringing damage to the people. It was Cesare Baronio who introduced this name in the Roman Martyrology following, however, communications from the Church of Teano.
Paris was considered the first apostle and main patron saint of the city of Teano, where he is said to have died in 346. His body, kept in the cathedral, has been worshiped from time immemorial. According to Michele Monaco, it is thanks to this that he is also venerated in other places, such as Capua. His liturgical memory is celebrated on August 5th.