Blessed Serviliano (Spire of Milanese people)

Beato Serviliano (Guglia dei Milanesi)
This is the first great call to Milanese people and, then, to citizens from all over the world. Even with a minimum one euro donation you could enter a virtuous network, where all the donors – whether from Milan or not – will be able to communicate with the Veneranda Fabbrica and between each other. Each name will be recorded in the Donors Board: virtually, everyone desiring it, will be part of this great initiative of responsibility and belonging. The donations from Milanese people will be destined for the restoration of the side spires, along the walkways on the north side, where “dai milanesi” will be carved. The work and the industriousness of the citizens had made possible a Monument of that magnificence. The Duomo without Milanese people could not be, so as Milan without the Duomo, the core of the identity of the city. This is the reason that calls the citizens to an action of popular responsibility.