Blessed Contardo Ferrini Jacopi

Beato Contardo Ferrini Jacopi
Contardo Ferrini was born in Milan in 1859. A young prodigy, at the age of 17 he received his secondary school diploma and at 21 was awarded a degree in law and, following a period of specialization in Berlin, at the age of 24 he was teaching Roman law at the University of Pavia. He later taught in Messina and Modena and, in 1894, he returned to Pavia, where he stayed until his death. An esteemed scholar, jurist and researcher, he also cultivated powerful spirituality, which would later allow him to distinguish himself in a highly anti-clerical environment. His attitude would soon become his main form of evangelization. In fact, thanks to this “silent mission” and his lifestyle, he was able to talk of God even to those who were far, atheists or feigned indifference. Involved in many benevolent activities, including the Charities of St. Vincent, for four years he was also a member of the municipal council of Milan, where he fought for teaching religion in primary schools. He was also one of the first to support the project for a Catholic university in Italy. He contracted typhus fever by drinking from a polluted fountain and died at the age of 43, on October 17th, 1902, during a holiday stay in Suna, on Lake Maggiore. Pius XII proclaimed him blessed in 1947. (Avvenire)