United States Donations

Since 2014 the International Patrons of Duomo di Milano Inc. works in the United States of America as an American public charity - registered under section 501 (c)3 of the International Revenue Code - has been open with operational offices in New York.

The aim of International Patrons is to:

❖    spread knowledge of the historical, artistic and religious heritage represented by the Duomo di Milano on the other side of the ocean;
❖    raise the awareness of the international public, especially in America, on the need for protection, preservation and promotion of Milan's Cathedral and of all of its Monumental Complex;
❖    promote the partnership between the Duomo di Milano and American institutions by developing cultural activities in the United States such as events and exhibitions linked to the history of the Cathedral;
❖    take part in the funding of preservation and restoration projects, with particular focus on the fund-raising campaign, Get your Spire: carve your name in History.

For further information, please contact:
International Patrons of Duomo di Milano Inc.
430 Park Avenue 10th Floor
New York NY 10022 USA