Festa della donna

Women’s Day Special initiative

The Women’s Day is approaching and “Get Your Spire” extends a special thanks to all the Italian and foreign female donors, who since 2012 have contributed to the protection commitment towards the Duomo; among these, Helga from Germany, Judy from Australia, Hiroko from Japan, Emily and Liz from USA, Carolina from Perù, Karin from Austria, Monique from Belgium, and then Nicoletta, Alessandra, Lavinia, Sara, Annamaria e many others.

Thanks to their participation too, the “Get Your Spire. Carve your name in history” fundraising campaign allowed to reach goals and objectives which are essential for the safeguard of this extraordinary Monument. Supporting the project, they became culture ambassadors and messengers of the commitment, dedication and care message that the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, together with the citizenship, has pursued for over six hundred years, and they contributed thus to communicate to others around the world the same necessary protection responsibility.

Thank you and happy Women’s Day to all our Female Donors!

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