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The Great Restorations - February 2015

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The numerous restorations of the Monument are keep going on with industry.Some of the operations inside the Cathedral ended on December 2014. Indeed, activities in San Giovanni Bono’s Chapel had been concluded, after they started in February last year.
The Chapel, which is situated inside the south presbytery of the Transept, was completely restored, by recovering all stone surfaces and the jewelry from the ancient altar and by bringing back its marble to the original beauty.
The altar had two kind of operations, dusting first and cleaning then, at the end of which it had been possible to work on older cracks.
The restorations allowed the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo to return the original beauty of this chapel to the Monument and to the entire population.

Also the outer side and terraces are having different restorations:

-  On the falconature, activities of cleaning, consolidating, fixing, good parts grouting, careful remaking and the damaged parts substitution are going on. In the last months the intervention on the falconature 214 and 215 was concluded: the beauty of Candoglia marble was restored and secured.
-  The intervention on the Main Terrace is continuing, on the last aisle where the waterproofing of the vault is being concluded with the disassembling and replacing of the marble plates.
-  Activities on the 135 spires are going on with industry; in particular the G37 one was gave back to Milan with all its beauty, after a complete restoration of all the ornaments and statues. At the moment, sites are working above all on the completion of the activities on G39, G40, G42 and G43, and then on the beginning of the preliminary operations for the securing and complete restoration of the Spire 116 (St. Quintilian, site notation: G.P.).
-  The work on the base of the Main spire is continuing, involving in particular the Lantern and the Lantern tower
-  Moreover, today it is possible to admire the eight central spires with their restored golden tips, and it is going on the reinforcement of the eight inverse flying buttresses, of the external spires, of the 16 low relief panels, corbels and other statues.

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