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Gift Ideas at the Duomo Shop

Help restore the Duomo with your purchases

To make a real contribution to the restoration of the Duomo of Milan, come and discover the Duomo Shop, where you will find official souvenirs and a host of gift ideas for your friends and family.

With your purchases, you will be choosing to support the restoration  of the Cathedral and can always carry a reminder of the Duomo with you, wherever you may be.

To celebrate special occasions, give a unique gift, choosing from the wide range of suggestions available in the Duomo Shop: a unique collection, exclusively created for Veneranda Fabbrica, with many brand new products designed by top Italian and foreign producers.

The collection for those who love the Duomo Choose your gift from the wide range of personalised products under the “Duomo Milano” brand, including

- books and guidebooks holding the secrets of the Duomo, in all the languages of the world, to be discovered
- “Duomo” design objects, with all the quality of 100% Made in Italy products
- clothing and accessories for men and women, available in many colours and stunning “Duomo Inspired” patterns
- scents, for men and women
- stationery and other paper products
- the HOME Line, for furnishing your home with the shapes and colours of the Duomo
- official souvenirs so that you can always take a reminder of your visit to Milan with you

Limited edition for Get your Spire
If you want to make a real contribution to the fundraising project “Get your Spire. Carve your Name in History”, choose the “Madonnina of the Duomo of Milan”, the official reproduction of the symbol of the city in limited edition, of extraordinary artistic quality.

Made of gold-plated bronze using the ancient lost-wax casting  technique, the sculpture measures 30 cm and is the most authentic portrayal of the original that has ever existed, thanks to the technology with which the cast was created.

By collecting this unique work, you will be participating directly in the Get your Spire fundraising project: indeed, the purchase price includes a donation of 100.00€ thanks to which you can become a Donor of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo of Milano.

By contacting the Donations Office, you can register your name in the Register of Donors and carve your name in history! 

For your purchases

Piazza del Duomo, 14/a
Open every day from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm
Also accessible from within the Grande Museo del Duomo.