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25 October Oct 2019 1528 3 years ago

Blessed Contardo Ferrini

Donors’ Stories

My name is Contardo. An unusual and not so common name, so much so that at work I don’t waste time repeating it – I get out my ID immediately so that it can be transcribed correctly. But I’m proud of my name. My parents gave it to me after attending the beatification of Contardo Ferrini, laic, Milanese by birth, precocious talent in Jurisprudence studies. He was also an intelligent and staunch believer. He was Milanese, born under the gaze of the Madonnina, and so am I. I’m linked to the Duomo by the affection of those who look at the Madonnina as a living presence that protects our city. I wanted to give a little help to all those who care about our Cathedral, by adopting the spire of my blessed protector, Contardo.


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