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15,800 Notes for the Duomo. Support the Restoration of the Organ

Give Italy's biggest organ its voice back and receive invitations to concerts and events.

Dust, oxidation and other degradation factors are threatening the future of a true masterpiece of art and mechanics.

The changes in temperature and humidity are making him sick. The diagnosis is serious: the patient needs immediate care. Cost of the intervention: over one million euros. The future of the Duomo Organ is at risk. Built in 1938, with 15.800 pipes, 5 keyboards and 180 sound registers, the one in Milan is the largest organ in Italy, ranking second in Europe for what concerns the number of pipes and registers, among the first fifteen organs largest in the world.

If the numeric data is already impressive, the artistic one is even more precious. The Duomo Organ is an authentic treasure chest of marvels and art: the refined counters, consisting of large paintings depicting episodes taken from the Old and the New Testament, made between 16th and 17th centuries, by artists such as, among others, Giuseppe Meda and Camillo Procaccini, are inexorably degrading.
Support the Restoration of the Great Organ of the Duomo and give its voice back to this extraordinary instrument.

The collapse of the “manticeria impellature” and the necessary urgent Door’s restoration that risk detachment and collapses of the wooden parts, the wear and oxidation of the electromechanical components are among the causes of this compromised condition: the organ of the Duomo, to continue playing in all its magnificence, requires a delicate and important intervention.

"15,800 notes for the Duomo" was born in these days: the Veneranda Fabbrica launches a fundraising campaign to support the restoration of the Great Organ by appealing to all those who want to continue to write the great Duomo’s melody, giving voice to this extraordinary tool. With your donation your name will be added in the Veneranda Fabbrica Donors’ Register and for donations starting from € 50 will be possible to receive invitations to attend the organ concerts in the Cathedral and other numerous initiatives. Milanese, music lovers, tourists and others: everyone can contribute

The Duomo and the music: an indissoluble link that the Milanese people, music lovers and the many tourists visiting the Monumental Complex can concretely support, thus becoming part of the centuries-old history of the Duomo.
During the restoration phases, the Organ will continue, albeit partially, to be in operation.

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Payment description: Duomo Organ

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