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28 August Aug 2018 1457 4 years ago

A poem for Milano: homage to the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano

Stories of Donors

How much I love my Milano,
its Sforza castle how beautiful is.

Piazza del Duomo is also delightful to look at,
with children who throw rice,

With their mother and their father around photographing
Even those who come from outside make our history, thanks to them we will always remain in the memory.

Like the twenty-one tram that goes down from the center.
Poor people, who in wartime shouted "go up and shut up"

Here is everything, San Siro, the game and its colors,
the Navigli, the fog, the factories and their engines.

Look around, look how beautiful is the dock, the alleys and even the door,
where is that man, famous for his "tac", is not the "beautiful Rene", he writes songs and looks like one of the ciak.

There’s somebody who works all day long to earn money but on Saturday night comes out, chilling around... as long as he can.
It is sad that Milano sells fashion, it is not wrong, campari, aperol and a bit 'of soda.

If then the alarm rings again at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, do not be disappointed, shave yourself and sing… OH MIA BELA MADUNINA!

Rodolfo B.

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