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26 June Jun 2018 1446 4 years ago

My simple and tiny story

Stories of Donors

Why did I decide to adopt a spire of the majestic Duomo of Milano? It is a gift for my nephew who lives and works in Milan. His place has a small terrace overlooking the beautiful Duomo, so from there he will be able to look at S.Biagio spire and think about it every time he will open the window. I have a second personal motivation. For a long time I used to live in Milano for health reasons. Whenever I could, I used to visit the grandiose Duomo and there, I could resize the pain. If the Man had succeeded in this grandiose work, I would have succeeded in my battle too. I heard about this initiative through the newscast. I find it a very valuable project and it is nice to think about carving your name in history, in this place so dear to me.

Meri V.

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