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26 April Apr 2018 1006 3 years ago

I do not look at the Duomo, I guard it

Stories of Donors

My apartment in Via Larga overlooks Milan Cathedral’s South side.
This is a good reason to live in the place where I live, more than it could be for others.
Because I do not look at the Duomo, I keep it.

I guard it through its complexity Contemplation.
I guard it through the Imagination of the parts precluded to my gaze.
I guard it through the Intuition of its present, placing it in an aged-old history.

Somehow, I have inside me its imposing structure geometry.
Immutable, even if changing with the different light that illuminates it.
I also feel the energy of prayers, promises and vows, whispered within its walls over the Centuries.

Last night I thought that, if one day Life should prove to be only a by-product of organic complexity, a sort of vitality should be recognized in the Duomo.

I thought about it, guarding the Monument with my gaze.

Giorgio B.

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