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27 March Mar 2018 0950 3 years ago

The Duomo, the Minerbi door and family affairs

Stories of Donors

Every time I went to the Cathedral my mother Carla used to remember us with great pride that her grandfather Gabriele, a collaborator of the sculptor Arrigo Minerbi, had also worked on that door. Imagine what fascination for us as children, in front of that huge and imposing door, to know that in some way our great-grandfather had taken part in the realization of one of the Duomo’s wonders. Touching, brushing the door meant, and it still means, living a part of our family history. Family history that gets even richer when my mother told us that the sculptor Minerbi had been witness of the wedding between grandmother Aurora and grandfather Mario.

The story of my family, displaced in Viggiù during the war, is made up of many anecdotes that could give life to a beautiful story. Even today I am lucky to hear from my mother's voice stories of difficult times but full of great strength and hope.

Marta L

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