Adotta Una Guglia
27 February Feb 2018 0936 3 years ago

The Duomo is part of me

Stories of Donors

Nice title for an essay.... I think the Duomo is part of me: when I'm approaching the square from a side street, I get excited by looking at the view, as when you go to find a person you love: it is a personification of the "Feast", because as a child going to the Cathedral we used to dress well, it was a prestigious destination! The Duomo has been the setting for my family’s important memories: my grandmother, who took the Sacraments there and then, as a young lady, on Sunday "cunt el capel, la ciapava el tram e l'andava in Domm " (“She put on her hat, took the tram and went to the Duomo”).

Looking at the Cathedral, so beautiful with every light, I find it an impressive but reassuring presence at the same time, as if it was telling me "go forward, courage, everything passes, but the real important things will last forever". This is why I like to think that, by adopting a piece of a spire, I too contribute to perpetuate this message of strength and beauty.

Anna B. 

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