Adotta Una Guglia
30 January Jan 2018 1631 5 years ago

The Duomo will always keep me company

Stories of Donors

Making a donation to the Veneranda Fabbrica was a simple and natural gesture, that I hope to repeat in the future. I love the Duomo very much; it is also mine, it is ours, it belongs to all the Milanese people.

Praying inside the Duomo is not difficult at all, in spite of its large dimensions and all that could distract. Very often I go there to participate in the Mass and, as every time I pass by, the silence statues narrate, tell us a story... a whole population that prays, bears witness, symbolizes, intercedes, proposes again, with gestures and poses of unlimited variations, which reminds me that among the walls of the Cathedral I sang and prayed, and that still endless generations will pray and sing, all  beneath the mantle of Maria Nascente - a paradigmatic oxymoron, like "the sun rising from above". I will never finish to be enchanted. The Duomo will always keep me company.

Roberta A.

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