Adotta Una Guglia
31 October Oct 2017 1702 5 years ago

The Duomo is for everyone

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In the end of September, I had the occasion to spend one day in Milan for work purposes: it is incredible, but I had never visited the Lombard county town before. After a very intense day of meetings on business, I decided to enjoy that good day relaxing myself exploring the city center: walking from Manzoni street to Scala square, then I crossed the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, very curious to arrive in the middle of Duomo square.

The emotion I had staring at the Duomo for the first time in person was indescribable: there is no image capable to really give back the magnificent of the Cathedral, only being at its presence is possible to understand the extreme majesty of the Monument. But it was not only the white marble what really surprised me, I was touched by the Madonnina protecting from the top of it all the people who usually direct to her their gazes and prayers.

From this deep emotion started my desire of doing something for the Duomo, to sustain it even if I am not a Milanese citizen: because the Cathedral is a symbol of devotion open to every person and I am convinced that all of us, in our little, must help for the Cathedral’s preservation. This is the reason why I decided to support the fundraising campaign “Get your Spire. Carve your name in history”, to ensure that the following generations will be surprised by the bright beauty of the Monument, finding relief in faith.

Luca B.


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