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The golden Madonnina, pride and protecting the entire Milan city

Section “Stories of Donors”

Dear brothers and sisters of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, I thank you infinitely for the information materials that you periodically send me and that inform the lucky reader about the restoration works of the wonderful Duomo di Milano.

From what I could understand and in my opinion, the Main Spire is the part of the Monument which most needs to be safeguarded and restored; on its top towers indeed the lonely and amazing golden Madonnina, pride and protectress of the entire Milan city!

Dear brothers and sisters, I truly hope to keep on helping you in the restoration of the Spires and I thank the Divine Providence for the chance that has been given to me to admire a historical Monument, which remained undamaged through centuries thanks to your fundamental protection commitment; please welcome my gratitude and my affectionate greetings of peace, in the Holy name of Jesus.

Mario M.

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