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The Madonnina and St. Charles Borromeo: symbols of humility to aspire to

Section “Stories of Donors”

I’m a japanese catholic woman.

In 1993, when I was 19, together with my family I went to visit the Vatican, where I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Pope Giovanni Paolo II and to shake his hand. He blessed me and my family and after that moment I converted to Christianity.

Recently I discovered St. Charles Borromeo’s history and I was very impressed by his attitude for praying kneeling and by his family’s coat of arms, where the word “Humilitas” appears.

I admire the Madonnina because the Holy Virgin Mary too made humility one of her best-known quality. So, I often find myself thinking of this virtue and I often pray St. Charles Borromeo to intercede for me and to teach me that. I hope that many other Christians may discover the figure of this Saint and the fundraising campaign “Get your Spire”: I send my donation from Japan with some devotional cards.

Thank you

Hiroki T.

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