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A light in the heart of Milan

Section “Stories of Donors”

Looking at the Milanese Cathedral, you will be fascinated by its majesty and its artistic and architectural details’ richness, but most of all you’ll be attracted by the pureness of its white marble.

Light makes the white stone vibrate and shine, exalting its monumental beauty and enchanted those who approach. The marble’s intrinsic imperfection makes the Cathedral alive and arouses different emotions, linked to the quality and the intensity of the sunlight.

At a first look, you are impressed by the decorations, none of which is alike but every one of them are harmonized and reunited in one single architectural artifact. Then, you’re attracted by the verticality and the lightness of the spires, which lead the eye up to the Main Spire and the Madonnina, tie between material and spiritual world.

Every time you stop and stare to the Duomo, you’re overwhelmed with and incredible emotion, result of the chromatic dynamism guarded in its architectural wonder. The Duomo is a shiny diamond from the charming facets, which irradiates light from the very heart of the city.

Sebastiano C.

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