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Adopting a Spire is a simple gesture and a little proof of active citizenship

Section “Stories of Donors”

The economic crisis does not allow me to have the funds to support our Cathedral as I wanted. I have two children and four elderly people to maintain, a job to handle and I haven’t got too many resources left. Adopting a Spire is a simple gesture and a little proof of active citizenship. I’m donating to my city small amounts, with humility but continuously, in favor of our dear Duomo: I made a donation, when I’ve been able, for every person I love (my parents, my children, my nephews), so that each one of them will have a piece of the Duomo in his heart and that together we can make the Cathedral live again. Our eyes are turned at the Spires up in the sky and we smile in the faith, to the present and to the future of our city. We need a rebirth, a new evangelization, a positive energy, a lot of civic-mindedness and respect: we need to stand with determination next to our great Cathedral. When I feel down, I only need to go to Piazza Duomo and look at our Church, so that I find again the strength to go on. The Duomo is the heart of Milan and it represents the only place in which the life of every Milanese citizen vibrates and in which we can find peace in our daily prayers, even when we’re in a hurry. The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo is the soul of the Milanese people who still carry on, like hard-working and determined ants. I donated and I will donate again when I’ll be able, on every birthday occasion, in order to give a little contribute to my city in the name of my loved ones’, so that we can be unite on the Spires we’ve adopted and above all because the Duomo is part of our family; each one of us has a picture outside of the Cathedral and we usually bring the children of the family to take the same pictures, almost as a ritual; everyone of us, when he’s in trouble, finds again a sense of belonging in the prayer and in the Masses, especially the small one beside the apse, in the majesty of the Cathedral’s interior. The Virgin Mary is protecting us and we must be close to her with perseverance. Thank you Duomo, to resist by our side!

Cinzia B.

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