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Happy Father’s Day with A.U.G. Kids

On the Father’s Day occasion, “Get Your Spire” suggests all the kids to dedicate a special gift to their dads!

On March 19th, we celebrate one of the most important familiar personalities in the life of everyone, through the figures of two of the fathers par excellence: St. Joseph, who raised Jesus with love and whose Saint’s Day falls on the same date, and St. Joachim, father of the Holy Virgin Mary.

St. Joachim in particular, symbol of fatherhood itself, is one of the most loved by the Get Your Spire’s Donors too; protector of married couples, grandparents and of parents indeed, its statue is hosted on one of the four Spires at the base of the Main Spire, on which the Virgin Mary rises in all her splendor. His proud gaze is pointed up, towards the beloved daughter so desired both by him and his wife Anna, while he’s watching her back and keeping an eye on her.

On this special occasion, in which we celebrate the fathers who every day take care of their children with love and patience, A.U.G. Kids helps the youngsters to prepare a simple but sweet gift: a postcard of the St. Joachim Spire, which can be download in PDF format from this page and be printed and customized with colors and drawings, in order to be dedicated to all fathers.

The postcard could also be sent to the e-mail address to be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s even possible to make a donation in favor of the G117 St. Joachim Spire, obtaining some benefit as a consequence; among them, a personalized Certificate (for donations from 50,00 Euros and more) on behalf of the kid’s father.

Click the link below to download the postcard and personalize the gift for your dad! Print the file on paper or cardboard, fold it in half with the Spire’s figure facing upwards and then color and draw it as you like.

Get Your Spire whishes a good name-day to all Joseph and happy Father’s Day!

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