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In memory of my father

Section "Donors Stories"

My dad Mauro died last August.

I have long waited to make a donation for one of the Duomo’s spires: even in this occasion, he has been a teacher  to me, giving me the right occasion to do it.

The Anonymous Spire is the most suitable to remember my dad, who has never been a saint or an illustrious man, although he contributed a little to build our beloved city.

Dad arrived in Milan in the fifties from the mantuan countryside, with a small luggage and a great enthusiasm, to work hard and build a better life for himself.

Together with my mother, Anna, he has always personified the spirit of Milan, which can be explain in many different ways. I particularly like one of these, which well represents my parents’ souls and it’s also the final sentence of a story told by a friend of mine in his book: “el segret de Milan l’è laurà con passiun e dass una man” (the secret of Milan is to work with passion and help each other).

Dad always felt Milanese, because he said that Milan gave him all.

I like to think that he’s watching over the city from the top of the Duomo, on the Anonymous Spire, and that he will help Milan to keep its welcoming and active spirit, even through the lots of difficulties that characterize our times.

Goodbye dad

Marco M.

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