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31 January Jan 2017 0900 4 years ago

A true love

Section "Donors Stories"

I confess: I deeply love my city, Milan. I was born here forty years ago, when its most common appellative was “la Milano da Bere” (Milano to drink).

I ate Burghy’s hamburgers, I saw the cars passing in Piazza Duomo, I exulted watching the National team football matches together with thousands of people in front of Palazzo Reale. All this under the watchful eye of the Duomo, one of the Milanese human genius’ most amazing creation.

At first, I attended the Cathedral as a worshipper, but then I started to appreciate each of its smallest details, because you could spend a whole life inside the Duomo. Entering and looking up, you are dominated by a severe atmosphere.

So, I studied a lot of material, learning a lot of secrets related to its construction, its spires and its centennial history. As a child I boasted of knowing the year in which the foundation stone was laid, now I often accompany friends and relatives in their visits to the Cathedral, and it’s my honor to explain and make them appreciate the great history of this Monument.

For years I thought about making a donation and 2016 was the one when this desire has materialized. I chose the Carelli Spire because the construction’s history teach us that without the great incentive given by Marco Carelli, maybe we wouldn’t have the chance to own this treasure.

My love for Milan and its Cathedral will never end: as every feeling, it will grow and become even more deep. The deeper it will be, the more strength I’ll have to be an ambassador of Milan’s beauties, so much hidden to eyes, as wonderful for the sight of those who know how to look for them.

Renato S.

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