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27 December Dec 2016 0900 6 years ago

Christmas’ Donors

Thanks to all those who supported “Get Your Spire” by choosing the “Panettone del Duomo di Milano” and the “Duomo Gift”.

This month for the “Donors Stories” section, a witness of “Get Your Spire” the protagonists of which are the 22 Companies who decided to buy  the “Panettone del Duomo di Milano” and all the donors who chose the “Duomo Gift” for their Christmas’ purchases, supporting thus the fundraising project for the Duomo restoration works.

On the occasion of Christmas 2016, a lot of Companies from Milan and its neighborhood, Como, Lodi, Crema, from Pescara, Genova and various areas of Monza Brianza, chose the “Panettone del Duomo di Milano” as gift for their costumer and employees; a very special present, which combines two of the traditional Milan’s symbols and represents the shared commitment towards art, culture and the taste of the authentic Milanese Christmas product, realized by G. Cova & C. with the most precious ingredients.

Buying the “Panettone del Duomo di Milano”, these Companies have concretely contributed to the fundraising campaign “Get Your Spire. Carve your name in history” and have subscribed the Donation Register of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, associating forever their names to the Cathedral’s history.

“Get Your Spire” wishes to renew its gratitude to each of this Companies and everyone who chose the “Duomo Gift” on the festivities’ occasion, joining the initiative through the collective subscription.

We regret to inform our dear customers that the “Panettone del Duomo di Milano” is no longer available.
We thank all those who have chosen it for this Christmas to contribute to the restoration of the Cathedral.

For information about Christmas 2017 write to Duomo Shop or phone +39 02 72080766.

Happy Holidays!