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29 November Nov 2016 0900 7 years ago

My strong mother

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My strong mother walks with the steps of a woman who has not succumbed to pain: she lost her baby and her husband, who she has loved to the point of idealizing him in her heart and in my eyes, even though I almost had not met him.

She was a simple and small woman, but she was not fragile; she was always ready to smile and to get enthusiastic about her country and her city, Milan, in which values she has always identified herself.

Her practice always made her available and active and her generosity too, both in the small and in the big things: she was by then very old, but she never missed her charity appointments, aware that mutual aid is at the base of the society, as well as of the family. She attended to every event, whether it was a sport match or a political election, because she wanted to understand ad to feel inside the world and her community.

She loved Milan, its history and its beauty; its energy made her feel happy and proud. When she’s gone, I decided to celebrate what would have been her 90th birthday respecting one of her wishes, a thing that could have linked her to the city she was so fond of, to the Duomo that amazed her every day, to the Madonnina of her prayers and of her times’ songs.

I chose to allocate my donation to the “Angel pointing to heaven” Spire and I announced it with a brief message to all the people who love her, so that they will know that now there’s a bit of her and her dreams among those Spires. My gesture, which was also a promise to myself, has been appreciated and I hope it’s taken as an example for other donations in favor of the “Get your Spire” project, in order to support the Duomo and our history.

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