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Solidarity Favors

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Last September, on the occasion of our wedding, we chose to support the fundraising project “Get Your Spire. Carve your name in history” and in that way we have contributed to the restoration of the Duomo.

Instead of the conventional favors, we decided to offer all of our guests one little piece of Candoglia’s marble because of the wonder that the Duomo’s history has always inspired in both of us.

A history of art, faith, culture and people.

An incomparable history of charm, which needs, today as 600 years ago, caregiving, protection and improvement, so that time and weather couldn’t destroy it.

No other symbol seemed better than this one, on the day of such a total promise: a beauty to grow with cure and patient everyday, so that it could last forever.

The wonderful celebration day has been a real gift for both us and all of our friends and relatives, and our special Favors has been very appreciated.

Thank you.

Elisabetta and Giovanni

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