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27 September Sep 2016 0900 5 years ago

The eight wonder

Section "Donors Stories"

I joined the project “Get your Spire. Carve your name into history “ without hesitation because I feel a sense of admiration and awe towards the Cathedral of Milan and I like to summarize these emotions with the famous words of Alessandro Manzoni in  "The Betrothed ".

“Renzo mounted by one of these passes to the more elevated ground, and, looking around him, beheld the noble pile of the cathedral towering alone above the plain, not as if standing in the midst of a city, but rather as though it rose from a desert. He paused, forgetful of all his sorrows, and contemplated thus at a distance that eighth wonder of the world, of which he had heard so much from his infancy”.

I hope this initiative will continue because the Duomo, its history and its future also depends on us.

Fabio F.

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