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24 May May 2016 0900 7 years ago

“Spire Twins”, a spire for gift

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Read on alternate voices

A) We have always heard of siamese twins, foster brothers, monozygotic twins, heterozygous twins but we have never heard about spire twins.

B) But they are numerous, almost two thousand and you can find them on the web page of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo!

A) But you can also meet them in Piazza Duomo or behind the apse or on the north and south sides!

B) They are recognizable by raised hands with the finger pointing over the top to identify and show their spire to children, grandchildren, friends and perhaps to someone intrigued whom arriving to grant the binoculars for a closer overview.

A) The waiters of the Rinascente bar on the eighth floor affirm that many of the North spires twins invite friends to admire their spire with cheerful happy hours or simple aperitif.

B) It is not uncommon to see on the South side among people in line for the exhibitions at Palazzo Reale some character that turning his back to the entrance admires his spire sharing joy and comments with neighbors unfortunate.

A) The Senegalese vendors of African storybooks in the apse square are marveled about the attendance  that some of the spire twins show in pausing with their nose up to admire their statue and some of them  wonder "but have these so little to do?" but they are happy because they can sell some of their books in exchange for a complacent glance requested by the person concerned.

B) In the main square everything is confused! The identification is more complex, perhaps because the Saints of the spires on the front are not as appetites, and the reason is not clear.

A) It is well known story that some of those spire guardians suffer from major anxiety when the clouds are coming and a storm is shaping up.

B) Concerned about the possibility that lightning can damage their Holy, it seems that they arrive to be envious of the Virgin Mary (Major Spire) which has the lightning rod on the flagpole.

A) Envious, jealous, tormented! They do not intend to grant to the Major Spire even this particular prerogative.

B) An old man of Milan asserts that there are not a few the twins spire that aspire to want to sweeten their Holy.

C) Together: Roba de matt (Crazy stuff)!!!