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26 April Apr 2016 1000 6 years ago

“My”, even “Our” Duomo thanks to the fundraising project “Get your Spire”

A special birthday

I’m Rodolfo, I was born and I live in Milan. I have visited the Duomo and our beautiful Milan since I was a child! The affection and love for this city increases for every year that goes. And when you think about Milan it’s impossible to split the city by the symbol that represents it in the world, the Duomo.

I’m so involved that the last year for my birthday I thought about an unusual party (accomplice years and Expo); considering that most of my friends are not from Milan I organized a surprise for them. I invited them as a normal birthday party, but no one knew that shortly thereafter a bus with a guide would have brought us for an amazing city tour with a visit to the Cathedral also inside. They were all happy also because many of them had never visited the Cathedral inside with a guide!

A thought to Get your Spire: I think it’s a great initiative since it involves with pleasure to the Duomo and it makes the Cathedral day by day a little more “mine” rather "our"! 


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