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22 April Apr 2016 1234 6 years ago

“La Moda Aiuta Il Duomo” in the name of beauty

Donate now! You can contribute to the restoration of the Milan’ symbol

La Moda aiuta il Duomo” continues, the initiative that shows Duomo di Milano and Italian Fashion as protagonists.

The evening dedicated to the auction, which was attended by over 200 participants, involved 39 lots, at least one for each brand, and it has ideally continued the aim of the online auction platform CharityStars that, since the high number of signatures collected by  “La Moda aiuta il Duomo”, it has put only through the network some of the 67 lots available for purchase.

The initiative “La Moda aiuta il Duomo” will continue on CharityStars with the remaining lots, which will be available online until the 5th of May.

The auction marks the beginning of an initiative that involves for the first time the world of fashion in the sign of the Cathedral, which is developing towards international contexts.

Donate Now! You can contribute to the restoration of Duomo di Milano, go on and make your bid for the last available lots of the great Italian fashion.