9 March Mar 2016 0909 6 years ago

A.U.G. Kids and Father's Day

Get your Spire invites children to prepare a special surprise for their dads

Among the 135 spires of the Milan Cathedral, in the day that celebrates father's love, Get your Spire reminds St. Joachim, father of the Virgin Mary.

The Saint, timeless symbol of fatherhood, is still facing the golden Virgin Mary ascending to heaven and is watching over his beloved daughter and all the citizens of Milan.

On Father's Day, A.U.G. Kids invites children to prepare a special gift. Each child can decorate a postcard with the spire of St. Joachim, and give it to his dad. You can download the postcard directly from this page. The postcard can be send at, and it will be published on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

So that children can prepare a special gift for dads who every day, with love, take care of their children.

St. Joachim’ spire, symbol of fatherhood, will continue to be adopted by all those who wish this, with any donation in support of the restoration and conservation of Milan Cathedral and its spires.

Download this PDF and create your own postcard-spire. Print the file on paper or card stock and fold it into two with the figure of the spire pointing up. Then color and draw it, for a special surprise for your dad! 

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