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23 February Feb 2016 0900 7 years ago

Donors Stories

A 50-year long love story which has as its setting the Milan Cathedral

Year 1960, two newlyweds on their honeymoon from the baroque Salento made a stop in Milan where, fascinated by the golden hues of the Madonnina, decided to go on Duomo’s Terraces to see close the beauty of spires and  photographed it with them.

We were: me, Mario and she, Tina (diminutive of Concetta)!

That time we would have never thought that one day we will come to live in Milan.

For the 50th wedding anniversary we got on Duomo’s Terraces to ideally embrace our spires.

Today we have decided to give our contribute to the project Get your Spire, so that they can be always admired in all their splendour as well as that of Madonnina, who’s watching over the city.

Mario S. e Concetta C.

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