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27 October Oct 2015 0917 4 years ago

Donors Stories

Returns this month with the story of Sergio, a young supporter of the project Get Your Spire

I’m 19 years old, some months ago I adopted a Spire, the one of Archangel Gabriel and I hope to adopt another one and again until I can. During the construction of the Cathedral, all Milanese have donated something. Who a piece of bread for the workers, who money, who wedding rings who a smile because it was the only thing which they had.

It is thanks to them, that certainly lived not well as us, if today we enjoy our Cathedral, our city which gave to everyone the dignity and an opportunity. Just as it did with my grandparents emigrated from the south, like my parents with me.

I firmly believe that today is our moment.

It’s our turn, it’s my turn.

Thanks, Milan.

-Sergio M.-