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1 October Oct 2015 1134 4 years ago

Make a special gift to your Guardian Angels

Whit Get Your Spire thanks your grandparents in a special way

The next 2nd October, day of celebration of the guardian angels by the Catholic Church, all the grandparents of Italy will be celebrated. This festivity was established in Italy July 31 2005, what moment to celebrate the importance of the role of grandparents in the families and in the society. Grandfathers and grandmothers are true guardian angels who always watch over the steps of the grandchildren.

Get a spire of one the Cathedral’s angels and make a special gift to your grandparents. (How to Donate)

A gesture of love that will remain forever inscribed in the history of Milan Cathedral, to share a commitment that unites generations in the beauty of this Monument.

For the donations from € 50,00 you can also request a donation certificate, to make this moment even more special.

For more information
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