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29 September Sep 2015 1002 4 years ago

Donor Stories

There a man story which is also the one of whom took part to the great construction of Milan Cathedral

«The man who secures a place as sacristan or chair-maker at the built Cathedral, is already a looser. But everyone who keeps in his heart a Cathedral to be built is already a winner». This sentence by A. de Saint-Exupéry, displayed in the last room of the Milan Cathedral Exhibition “Ad Usum Fabricae”, which I visited during the “Meeting for people friendship” in Rimini on August 2012, was the starting point, the incentive that made me curious and eager to begin my own Cathedral construction. The beauty and sweetness of stories told by the exhibition could not stop there. The story of Marta, the redeemed prostitute who every morning brought donations at the Cathedral, the one of Marco Carelli, the rich man who became poor while giving all his goods to the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, another one about Caterina, the poor old woman who cleaned stones at the construction site, and gave the Cathedral her threadbare fur, her only shelter from cold, and Alessio, the Albanian captain who decided to decorate on his own expenses one of the altars, and tens and tens of stories of poor people in Milan who over the centuries contributed to Milan Cathedral construction: these, among other generous Milan people, are the ones who contributed to the construction of Milan Cathedral.  Me too, I decided to donate in favor of my Cathedral, to add one little dowel of mine for the construction of the great Milan Cathedral, full of gratitude for who neither had his own house and constructed it for me.

Luigi G.

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