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The recipe of St. Isidore

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From Milan tradition, St. Isidore shows us an easy but tasty starter: the Nervetti. In dialect, the term gnervitt means sinews, because this dish is prepared with boiled knee gristles and calf shin.

The dish was once served in city taverns, with a glass of white wine.

Ingredients for 4:
1 calf knee

1 calf small foot

1 carrot

1 celery spine

0.55 lb mixed pickles

1 parsley tuft

Olive oil

White wine vinegar



In a pot plentiful of salted water, add washed and minced carrot and celery, then boil it. Add the calf knee and foot’s sinews, after carefully washing them.

Cook for about 2 hours, until the sinews swollen and soften. Separate sinews from bones and cut them in pieces, and put them in a firm box. Then, add the pickles and minced parsley, and mix the whole.

Cover the container and put a weight on it; let it cool down.

When nervetti are cold and solid, as an elastic block, cut it in pieces and dress with oil, salt and pepper. Let it rest for some hours and help it cold. Beans may be added.