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28 July Jul 2015 0900 4 years ago

Donor story

This month, the story of a grandmother who decided to share its great love for Milan Cathedral with her nephews.

I always had the habit of bringing my nephews on Milan Cathedral roof, to discover monsters, different characters, saints and not, searching for birds and other animals, finding out how the Cathedral and its wonders are made.

Francesco and Federico, two little Parisian, fell completely in love with it and they ask me to go up on the Cathedral every time they come in Milan. From up there, they can see Alps, their way home, lakes…the stadium.

They agreed that Milan Cathedral is even better than Notre Dame!

As Get you Spire campaign began they asked me a spire for Christmas!

I immediately made them happy with a donation, and I gave them as a gift the certificate where they were named donators.

In the main time, I volunteered to describe this campaign to people passing by Piazza Duomo, I convinced an number of elderly people to give this kind of “gift” to their nephews, to carve their names in our Cathedral history.

I hope such an enthusiasm will go on.

Clara S.

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