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15 July Jul 2015 0900 6 years ago

Live from construction sites

Three spires now under restoration at Duomo

Restoration activities at Milan Cathedral go on, and now they concern three spires of the apse.

During last months, the Saint of the Levant, Blessed Bascapé and St. Victor have been affected by a full restoration, necessary to replace the wrecked marble.

First, with great experience and mastery, the masters of the Construction site separated the spire’s parts and transported them to the labs. There, artisans manipulated the marble by slicing it with a milling machine and carving it to reproduce the original ornaments, modeled on wrecked parts.

Decorations are initially drawn on marble, giving guidelines to engravers who then carve them. This way, the marble gradually comes to life; more and more clear shapes return to light with a new brightness.

Once the operations end, spires will be replaced on the top of the Duomo, where they watched over the city for centuries.

It has been possible to carry these restoration activities thanks to thousands of donors who decided to support Get your Spire project.

The support of citizens and everyone who feels linked to the Cathedral, allows every day to continue maintaining and developing the monument that, for centuries, has towered in Milan center and is the symbol toward which the entire world looks with admiration. 

For further information:
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