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10 July Jul 2015 0900 3 years ago


The recipe of St. Isidore

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This week, St. Isidore shows us one of the symbols of Milan city: the Cotoletta (or costoletta) alla Milanese.

Sill today, the origins of this recipe are discussed, and someone says that it was inspired to the Viennese Wiener Schnitzel.

A document dated 1148, also quoted by Pietro Verri in his Story of Milan, reports the chronical of a feast that the canons offered to St. Ambrogio. There, some “lombos cum panitio” appear, meaning the breaded calf loin, long before the dish could be imported by the Austrian domination.

Moreover, it seems that the Viennese Schnitzel had at first a flour-based breading, instead of breadcrumbs. 

Ingredients for 4:

2 eggs

4 calf loin

0.44 lb butter

0.44 lb breadcrumbs



Scrub the loins, paying particular attention to areas near bone; scatter with salt and paper.

Beat the eggs and  dive loins first in eggs then in breadcrumbs, to obtain a uniform cover.

Melt butter in a pan; when it will be lightly browned, fry the loins both sides, medium-high heat, until gilded.

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