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7 July Jul 2015 1008 3 years ago

Golden Donors stories

The Cavalieri del Lavoro celebrate their contribution with a Worship dedicated to them

During the Expo2015 year, the annual meeting of the Associazione Nazionale Cavalieri del Lavoro took place in Milan, and ended inside the Duomo with an Holy Worship on last June 28th.

On this occasion, Milan Cathedral hosted more than a hundred members of the group, who attended the Sunday morning Holy Worship, officiated by Mons. Gianantonio Borgonovo, High Priest of the Cathedral and Veneranda Fabbrica Chairman; thus they had the chance of celebrating their commitment toward the Monument.

Indeed, their contribution adjoined many other donors’ ones, subscribing Get your Spire project to support Duomo’s restorations.

The spire selected on 2013, the Saint with Cross, has been entitled to St. Benedetto da Narcia, patron of Cavalieri del Lavoro, together with the adage “Ora et labora”.

An important and meaningful decision, that tells about every member’s love for Milan and its story, symbolically concentrated into the Cathedral, active and physical center of the city.

At the end of Sunday celebration, there has been the chance for a convivial moment at the food corner of Veneranda Fabbrica, Rest@Duomo, opened on May 2nd inside the striking location of the Sala delle Colonne, part of the Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano.