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23 June Jun 2015 0900 3 years ago

Donor Stories

This month, a story of strong connection between Milan Cathedral and two sisters, who tell us why they decided to donate in favor of Get your Spire project.

I was born and grown up in Milan, and for me the Cathedral has always been the center of my everyday life, since I was working in Bovisa, still fifteen, and I was passing near the Cathedral while changing train. There, the Madonnina blessed me.

Now that I have come back in Milan for years, at our catholic school I paid attention to restorations and to the request of helping and supporting the spires restoration.

When our mother left us, my sister and I decided to donate a small amount and to get a spire.

We were happy of taking part to this initiative, and who knows…maybe in the feature it would be possible to give something again with joy.

Thank you for everything,

D.L. Sisters