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Risott Giald

The recipe of St. Isidore

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The most famous dish in Milan tradition is certainly the so called risotto giallo.

Today, Saint Isidore tells us about an interesting story, linked with the origins of this recipe enriched with a particular and very expensive ingredient: the saffron.

According to the tradition, the shop boy of Valerio Perfundavalle, Flemish artist who decorated some of Milan Cathedral stained glass windows, put some saffron into the rice prepared for the daughter’s wedding, to play a joke on him. However, guests surprisingly appreciated the risotto giallo, which has spread all over Milan since that moment.

Ingredients for 4:

18 oz rice

1 oz ox marrow

3,5 oz butter

1 saffron bag

1 small onion

½ glass of white wine


Grated chees


In a pan, melt the butter and marrow, then add minced onion until gilded.

Add rice and, once toasted, simmer with white wine until reduced.

Keep on cooking by adding a spoonful of broth from time to time, so rice will not dry; stir it frequently. While half cooked, melt a bag of saffron in some broth and add to rice.

When ready, let the broth reduce.

Switch off fire and use the Parmesan cheese to make it creamy before help.

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