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28 April Apr 2015 0900 3 years ago

Donor Stories

This month, reminding the initiative “Duomo Cockoo: Milan’s Clock”, another story of solidarity by a donor proud of being part of Get your Spire project

Our cockoo is blue…and well exhibited in the living room.

My husband and me, we gave it as a gift to ourselves in occasion of our 23rd wedding anniversary.

We came to know about this beautiful fundraising campaign thanks to our son who has recently begun to work at the Veneranda Fabbrica.

The occasion was our anniversary but we are so proud of his job and of this great entity that, since 1387, has took care of Milan Cathedral, symbol of our city, that finally we bought the Cockoo on behalf of my son, so that his name will appear among a lot of donors who, over the history, contributed to make more and more beautiful…a work of art…this great monument.

A wonderful initiative.


Anna L.


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