30 Nov
20 April Apr 2015 1456 3 years ago

Donors meet at Milan Cathedral

During the National Day for Organs Donation and Transplanting, donors meet at Milan Cathedral for a worship in their honor

Over centuries, Milan Cathedral has collected stories of solidarity among donors, who decided to support the Cathedral.

On May 31, 2015 at 11.00, Milan Cathedral opens to everyone who decided to become donor, in a way different but complementary if compared to the story of the Monument.

On this day, indeed, a worship will be celebrated; the aim is to remember everyone who decided to carry out this precious act of solidarity in favor of the neighbor.

The act of donating something or oneself joins everyone who decide to take on a project or a cause they care about, whatever it is. For this reason, since one year ago, #GetyourSpire chose to share its project with AIDO Milan Special Division, giving to all donors the chance of devolving half of their contribution in favor of this entity, which for years has taken care of organs, tissues and cells donations.

The worship on next May 31, will be the ideal occasion to remember all donors and their precious cultural and social commitment, which every day they decide to renew for the entire community benefit.