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8 April Apr 2015 1150 3 years ago

Get your Spire for Expo 2015

Get your Spire and its donors are main characters of the most important event of the year: Expo 2015

During next months, Milan will be the center of the entire world, which is going to enrich of stories, cultures and populations from every continent.

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo already scheduled a number of initiatives: the Monument will be at the center of Expo 2015.

Get your Spire will be there too during the Exhibition, to keep on supporting Milan Cathedral and tell about its importance even to people who will meet the Monument for the first time.

In such an international context, Get your Spire open to world, overcoming any barrier: concerns for the cultural and historical value of the Monument do not stop to Italian boundaries, but they also involve world citizens, who will be able to get closer to the Cathedral thanks to Expo 2015.

It will be even easier to become donors with the Donachiaro machines. Thanks to this kind of new technology, everyone can donate in favor of Milan Cathedral every time of the day, from main Expo 2015 locations, where activities and events will be staged.

It will be also possible to donate at the Madonnina pavilion on the Expo area, where visitors can approach a 1:1 copy of the statue symbol of Milan city. Moreover, the new bookshop and ticket office Barcone, which is now rising near the Cathedral side, will have the same function.

Another place for donations will be the Duomo Express at Central Station: a colorful shop plenty of memories, that visitors can take with them after their great experience in Milan.

Our website and social pages are going to liven up thanks to the colors of nature, and they will be mouthpiece for the theme Feed mind, energy for culture.

Starting from May 1st, we are going to rediscover the origins of Milan cookery thanks to the new column St. Isidore suggests. The spire leads us among traditional receipts, as the symbol of a conscious use of nature products according to the tradition.

A number of curiosities hide among Terraces, full of marble ornaments representing products that we can find on our tables still today. Vegetables, fruits and any kind of games are focuses for riddles and treasure hunts, that everyone can join, sharing his own experience on social pages.

We will understand where to find these small works of art, and how many colors the Milan Cathedral can show, to feed our mind with new knowledge.

A tour along news and unbeatable events will made donors the main actors of Expo 2015, and will give them the chance of diving deep into the story and traditions of the city, investigating Milan Cathedral origins.