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31 March Mar 2015 0900 3 years ago

A special Easter with Get Your Spire

Discover the spire symbol of this special feast

Easter enriches with meanings thanks to the project Get Your Spire, which is still engaged for protection and valorization of Milan Cathedral, together with its donors.

Colors, joy and Easter eggs are typical of this day, according to the tradition; however, this year a brand new surprise, full of significance, makes its way along festivities: with Get Your Spire, everyone can give a durable memory and a place in Milan city history as a gift for himself and his family.

Becoming a donor means to take part in this important project; the aim is to support restorations and maintenance activities needed for the preservation of Milan Cathedral, a monument that over centuries has silhouetted at the center of the city and that everyone considers both a priceless cultural good and the symbol of the emotional bond with the city itself.

Each spire has its own story, and getting one of them means to protect both their artistic and symbolic value.

For instance, St. Hermes spire is linked with Easter: in his hands, he holds a dove, which is the main Eater sign according to the Cristian tradition, as the Holy Spirit incarnation.

You can get this spire: a symbolic act that could be a gift for people you love, a full of significance surprise enclosed inside a precious coffer as only Milan Cathedral is.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy Easter, Get your Spire renews its appeal to all donors and to everyone who wants to take part in this project: make the Milan Cathedral keep on shining and give to the entire world a heritage to hand down over centuries.


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