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24 March Mar 2015 0900 3 years ago

Donor Stories

This month, we will tell the story of Granny Stella, who decided to donate for Get your Spire in occasion of his nephew Luca’s first Holy Communion

I am a 78 years old grandmother. Every time I come in the center of the town I go in “my” Cathedral for a special salutation to the Archbishop who gave me the Confirmation, Blessd Cardinal Schuster, to Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, but also to the Cathedral and to all the Saints of course.

Moreover, I inquire about news. This way I came to know about the chance of get a spire.

I decided to donate in favor of my nephew Luca, who would have taken his first Holy Communion on May, but I could not forget of my niece Valentina. “Which Spire?” – they ask me at the Donation Office.    

Luca desired a spire near the Main one, and I adopted it. For Valentina, who’s birthday is on May 28th , they suggested me to donate for San Aemilius’ one, who is celebrated exactly in that day, and children really appreciated because Aemilius is the name of their great grandfather.

When we celebrated the first holy Communion, on May 11th 2014, Luca and Valentina had the chance of reading their names on the website

It is only a little thing, but is also good to be happy for such a little thing!

Granny Stella

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