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A.U.G. Kids celebrates fathers

On Father’s Day, Get your Spire helps children to prepare a special surprise for their dads

The Father’s Day had been established at the very beginning of the 20th century, and still today kids all around the world celebrate the love for their parent on this day.

S. Joachim is the main symbol of parenthood, as Virgin Mary's father. Is told that he would like to have a baby so much that he went alone in the desert, fasting and praying for forty days, until an angel announced him that his wife Anna, who had been sterile before, was pregnant. If it is true that father’s love is measured on how strongly he desired his son, S. Joachim is without doubt the emblem of the father of any time; this is why Get your Spire recalls him on this celebration. Still today the Saint seems to watch over his beloved daughter, that he keeps on observing from his spire over the centuries, turned to the gilled Madonnina who ascends to heaven.

On Father’s Day, A.U.G. Kids wants to help all the children to prepare a special gift for their parent. 
Each child can decorate and give to his dad a card with S. Joachim’s spire, which can be downloaded on this page. The same card can be also sent to so as to be published on our Facebook and Twitter pages!
A special gift for all the fathers who every day contribute with love to the happiness and well-being of their children.

Moreover, the spire will be still adoptable by everyone who wishes to, with any donation in favor of the Milan Cathedral.

Download this PDF and create your own postcard-spire. Print the file on paper or card and fold it in half with the image of the spire upwards. Then paint it, customize to your liking and create your own unique masterpiece. 

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